The Apollo DAC is powered by a classic linear PSU with three customized power transformers for separate servicing various DAC modules. Each power transformer is specially designed and fabricated in-house with minimal magnetic induction in the core which results in extremely low level external magnetic field, small value and peak factor of the idle current, negligible vibration and low loss and interference.

To further reduce interference and vibration, all the transformers are placed in an entirely shielded common enclosure made of 2 mm-thick magnetic steel. All the transformers are suspended in an elastic silicon-organic compound with high vibration and electric insulating properties to eliminate any mechanical contact with the housing.

The rectifiers are made with Schottky diodes and are equipped with circuits for suppressing parasitic oscillations in the transformer-rectifier system when switching diodes.

The Apollo's power supply has a high energy hoard and current delivery. The total value of the filter capacitors is about 75,000 μF. High quality industrial grade low ESR electrolytic capacitors, shunted by film capacitors operate as filter elements. A soft start circuit is applied to avoid an extra current when the capacitors start charging. Interference from the mains supply is suppressed by industrial filters and by impulse jamming limiters capable of absorbing considerable amounts of energy.